Beach Bags and other beach gear

There is so much joy in choosing beach bags! The promise of what’s to come, memories that will be made, fun that will be had! So when choosing your beach bag first think about what YOU need it for… are you skating to the beach then you need an easy to carry, hands free kind of bag like a backpack or across body bag! Are you the ‘mummy the mule’ of the group? Will you end up with multiple cries of ‘can I just pop this in your bag?’ Or maybe you need it to double up as a changing bag. Consider what it will need to carry, will you need a waterproof pouch for phones etc, do you need separate compartments? Once you have decided on the type of beach bag you need then look at all the different and wonderful styles that would work for you, then you need to choose the colour and aesthetic design. Hopefully by taking all these things into account you will be able to choose a beach bag that will last for many seasons and help you in the creation of many memories.

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